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Reviewing the Primera AP360 Label Applicator

Updated 05/22/2024
Reviewing the Primera AP360 Label Applicator

When starting the label application process for products and packages, it is essential to consider the precision with which the labels are applied. For this reason, the Primera AP360 Label Applicator is a game-changer. The machine is designed to improve the labeling process for inkjet and roll labels. In this review, we analyze and view the features, performance, and ease of use of the Primera AP360 Label Applicator and whether it's worth the investment.


Since the Primera AP360 Label Applicator is a semi-automatic device, a few more steps are involved in the setup. Assembly took us about 15-20 minutes. The device is powered and must be set up in a space with access to a power outlet. The fully assembled unit measures 13.4”W x 8.9”H x 12.9”D, which should fit on most desks or workspaces. However, it can be bulky if you work in a one-room office.

Luckily, once assembled, subsequent setups should only take a few seconds. The Primera AP360 offers a foot pedal extension to help the machine run so the user's hands can handle the containers. Primera says this applicator can help apply up to 1,200 labels per hour.

Ease of Use

Even though the Primera AP360 Label Applicator is efficient in terms of speed and user-friendly application, there are a few factors to consider before applying labels with this device. Some tips to consider while assembling and using this device include:

  • Proper Setup: ensure the Primera AP360 is set up correctly before use. It would avoid any problems with the labels, the products, or the device itself.
  • Quality Labels: use label materials that align with the label applicator to ensure a smooth application and minimize the risk of paper jams.
  • Maintain the Primera AP360: keep the machine clean and debris-free. Taking care of the accumulation of debris can decrease label misfeeds and adhesive buildup.
  • Monitor Speed: adjust the label applicator's speed based on the product or package type. Use a slower speed for delicate items.

How Fast is the Primera AP360

The Primera AP360 can apply labels to cylindrical surfaces faster than by hand. After carefully reviewing the product and comparing it to a standard manual applicator, the Primera AP360 runs around 10 seconds per label, giving four label applications every 40 seconds. It ensures a quicker and more efficient way of applying label precisions and avoids human errors such as folding, breaking, or spoiling the label.

Primera AP360 vs. Primera AP362 Label Applicators

While the Primera AP360 and the Primera AP362 share the same composition and ease of assembly, they differ in certain aspects at the time of label application. Some of the key differences between these label applicators include the following:

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: the AP360 has a more straightforward design that makes it easier for users to understand if they start applying labels. This device may be helpful for businesses prioritizing ease of use over functionality.
  • Advanced Features: the Primera AP362 includes additional features that contrast with the Primera AP360, such as applying two labels to a single container. It also has a built-in LED Counter and memory software to remember nine front-to-back label designs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: since the Primera AP360 is a base model, it is more cost-effective than the Primera AP362.

Overall, while both applicators are suitable for general label application tasks, the AP360 may be better suited for small businesses on a budget. At the same time, the AP362 fills the requirements for more high-volume and complex label requirements.

Label Options for the Primera AP360

At OnlineLabels, we offer four types of roll labels that work with the Primera AP360:

Should I purchase a Primera AP360?

The Primera AP360 Label Applicator can be an excellent choice for small or mid-sized businesses looking to streamline their labeling process. An applicator like the AP360 may be overkill if you only label a handful of items at a time. We recommend it to users who label at least a dozen products daily. It's a considerable investment; however, the time saved and improvements to your products can make it worthwhile!

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