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Weatherproof Gloss Inkjet Roll Labels

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Produce durable, photo-quality labels.
Create high-gloss, bright white labels without sacrificing durability against water, moisture, and heavy handling.
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Heavy-Duty Gloss Labels for Inkjet Roll Printers

Our weatherproof white gloss inkjet roll label material provides ultra-durability and photo-quality results. Designed for use with on-demand inkjet printers, this material consists of a high-gloss polyester facesheet and permanent adhesive that can withstand direct contact with moisture and heavy handling, as well as tears and abrasions.

Utilizing a weatherproof inkjet roll label eliminates the need to purchase and apply waterproofing sprays. You can stick our waterproof, high-gloss labels to nearly any surface for most intended applications. They can be applied outside, in various temperatures and climates, and/or in applications that experience frequent, repeated contact.

The waterproof topcoat doesn't dull the shine or obscure the glossy texture of the white gloss material. It is designed to make colors pop off the page, catch light from overhead, and grab the attention of passersby. The bright white color and premium quality offer a an upscale, professional product label.