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How to Use Pre-Designed Label Templates

Sheet of printed labels beside canning Mason jar

Make your labels pop with the help of our free pre-designed templates and Maestro Label Designer. Lacking an eye for design, time to be creative, or inspiration? Let the dozens of editable pre-designed templates take your worry away! Here's how to search, select, and customize our online label templates. Then, keep reading for directions on printing or ordering.

Start Your Search

We have a pre-designed label for just about any occasion. To start your search, visit the Pre-Designed Templates page of our website. You can access it through this link or by clicking on "Pre-Designed Templates" from the "Design & Templates" menu in the header.

Pre-Designed Templates by

View All Printable Label Templates

The main pre-designed label templates page shows all of our different label designs in chronological order. Look through the newest designs at the top or click through the pages to see more.

Sort by Product Number

If you know your product number, you can enter it into the search bar at the top of the label designs page or select it from the "Products" category in the left-hand column of the page. If there are no results or you don't see your product from the list, we haven't made a template for it yet. Try using a similar sized design for inspiration or check out our Designer Marketplace to meet up with a designer.

This is also a great way to find inspiration for extra label sheets you may have around the house!

Narrow by Shape

Look for the "Shapes" category in the left-hand column of the templates page. Choose from circle, oval, round-corner rectangle, square-corner rectangle, CD/DVD, and custom shaped templates. Clicking on the desired shapes will display templates matching that shape.

Search by Category / Occasion / Use

Use the "Categories" section in the left-hand column to sort through common groupings. Browse everything from address and water bottle label designs to those for specific holidays. If you're looking for a specific keyword, you can also type it into the search bar at the top of the pre-designed labels page. Popular categories include:

  • Wedding Labels
  • Address Labels
  • Wine Bottle Labels
  • Holiday Labels
  • Birthday Labels
  • Bottle Labels
  • Gift Labels
  • Shipping Labels and more

Select & Customize A Printable Label Template

Editing pre-designed templates by

Once you identify a template you like, click on it to select it. Many of the labels can be customized with color and text. If your design is available in different colors, a dialog box will open with your options. Click on the colored circles to preview them on your design, then click "Select this Template." You can continue modifying your color choices on the next screen.

If the template you chose has editable text fields, you'll be able to customize them for your needs. Use the fields on the right side of the screen to personalize your label's content.

If you'd like to customize your label further, you can choose to open it in Maestro Label Designer. From there, you'll have the ability to change everything from the font choice to its location on the label, as well as the ability to add photos, additional text, and more.

If you choose this option, find out about printing from Maestro Label Designer.

Prepare for Printing

Printing pre-designed labels at home

You have two options when it comes to printing. After customizing in step 1, you can choose to print your labels yourself on your home or office printer or have them professionally printed by Here are the benefits and steps to complete for both:

Printing Yourself

Every template can be printed yourself. You should choose this method if you already have your labels or are planning to buy them. This way, you'll have your finished labels in-hand seconds after you hit print.

You can also use whatever label material you'd like and control the quantity and timeline. If you need to print 2 sheets today and 2 tomorrow, you can do that.

  1. Select "Print myself using blank labels."
  2. Hit "Print."
  3. Click the "Download" icon in the top right-hand corner of your label sheet.
  4. Name and save your document.
  5. Open your document if it doesn't automatically. We recommend using Adobe Reader.
  6. Click "Print."
  7. Make sure "Page Scaling" or "Fit" is unchecked in the print dialog box.
  8. Load your blank labels in your printer tray and print.

If you come across any issues while printing, turn to the printing category in our Label Learning Center for help.

Ordering Printed Labels

Let us print your labels for you! With Printing by, you don't have to buy labels, they're factored into the printing cost.

We pull the blank labels from our inventory and print your design using our professional-grade printers. This way, you only have to order once and you won't have to worry about alignment issues, ink smearing, scaling problems, or other common printing issues.

  1. Select "Let print for me."
  2. Hit "Select Material and Quantity."
  3. Choose your desired material.
  4. Pick your desired quantity.
  5. Click "Add to Cart."
  6. Approve proofs of your artwork, add any comments, and hit "Looks good!"
  7. Complete the checkout process as normal.
  8. Wait for your printed labels to arrive.

Take our free pre-designed templates to the next level with your personal touch. Select a template, customize it, and select your printing method. That's all there is to it. Then, enjoy your high-quality, custom-printed labels. Questions? Call our customer service team at 1-888-575-2235.