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26 Free Bath Bomb Label Templates That Are Seriously the Bomb

Updated 11/29/2022
The best way to pull inventory and package for shipping

Once you’ve created bath bombs that you’re happy with, don’t stop there! You need bath bomb labels that you’ll love just as much as the product itself — plus, good labels tie together the look and feel you want. Here are 26 of our favorite bath bomb and product labels.

All text is editable on these pre-designed templates, and you even have the option to customize beyond changing the text. Just hit "Customize More" and the template will open in Maestro Label Designer where you can adjust fonts, change colors, add more text, rearrange elements, change the label size, and more!

Bath Bomb Bands

Bands are a popular way to package bath bombs. Just wrap your bath bombs with tissue paper, plastic wrap, or another material, then top them off with these adorable bands!

Round and Rectangle Labels

Keep your labels front and center with round and rectangular labels. Use these to seal tissue paper around your bath bombs, or stick them on the outside of a small box.

Bath Bomb Tags

Something else you can do to package your bath bombs is to wrap plastic around your bath bombs, then tie one of these tags around it — kind of like a goodie bag!

Ingredient and Warning Labels

The safety of customers should be your top concern, so don't skip out on these bath bomb warning labels!

Whether you're starting a bath bomb business, wanting to rebrand, or are even just making homemade bath bombs to gift, we hope one of these templates caught your eye! Do you need blank labels to print your bath bomb template on? Browse our full collection of bath bomb labels.

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