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DIY Teacher Gift: Pencil Holder

Updated 10/22/2020
Gift idea for back-to-school: teacher pencil jar

Looking for a great teacher gift that won't cost you a fortune? If you ask, kids and teachers will tell you that the most coveted item at school is a pencil. Pencils so are easy to lose and often fall victim to pencil fighting or the sharpener.

Before you know it, all of the pencils have vanished. Below is a quick tutorial on how to make this cute pencil holder.

Are you a teacher making this for yourself? Check out more teacher resources including folder/planner labels, contact info magnets, and student number printables.

You can also use this can idea for: dry erase markers, rulers, erasers ... anything you think your teacher would lend out to students.


A cute way to gift teachers pencils for their classroom


Step 1

DIY pencil jar teacher gift DIY pencil holder for teachers

Print and cut the full sheet label to fit the size of your can, apply.

Step 2

Cute teacher gift: custom pencils

Print the pencil labels and peel from the sheet, wrap around the tops of your pencils.

Step 3

Tie a ribbon around the pencils and place in the can. Add red shreds on top to make it look finished!

We hope you child's teacher loves this gift as much as we do. For more free printables, check out our best back-to-school label templates. Best of luck crafting, organizing, and preparing. Have a wonderful school year!

Extra Credit: If you really want to please your child's teacher, sharpen the pencils and give them a sheet of the printable templates so they can label any other items in the classroom!

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