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How A Local Chocolatier Crafts A Rich Presentation With Labels

Updated 05/17/2022

We visited our friends at the Winter Park, Florida Peterbrooke Chocolatier location to see what they are doing with our labels on a daily basis. Check out what co-owner Kevin Wray has to say, and try not to get hungry looking at all the delicious chocolate along the way!

OnlineLabels: Tell us about Peterbrooke and your location.

Kevin: We make the best chocolate around. We've got chocolate-covered popcorn, chocolate-covered Oreos® – you name it, we cover it in chocolate. We've been around in this location since 2001, so just about 13 years now.

OL: What's your favorite part about what you do?

K: I love watching the expression on people's faces when they try our chocolate. They enjoy a special treat that we made just for them, and we create something that really blows their socks off.

OL: What kind of challenges do you face as a business owner?

K: Trying to maintain a great value for our guests. Sugar, dairy, and cocoa prices are constantly rising. We have to mitigate as much of that as we possibly can so we don't price ourselves out of the market.

OL: How does OnlineLabels help your business?

K: Customized packaging is an area where we have a lot of room to grow. We can get different materials out there now, but it's expensive to set up and the turnaround takes way too long. To have another alternative where we can come up with something very quickly – even on the spot for a guest, for a minimal cost, and really make something their own is of tremendous value to us.

OL: What products do you use from OnlineLabels?

K: We use thermal labels for all of our ingredients and packaging. We use several different sizes of labels on sheets for different products, including some customized chocolate labels we make for the Alfond Inn here locally.

We also use cigar labels which is fantastic so we can brand our own cigars – purely chocolate of course! And even water bottles for special occasions.

OL: Do you utilize any of the other tools OnlineLabels has to offer?

K: The designing program (Maestro Label Designer) is fantastic. We can quickly put together something that looks professional, with really not a lot of skill in that area.

OL: Why do you love working with OnlineLabels?

K: It is very affordable, OnlineLabels makes it really easy for us to do. We can design and print it, customized with our logo, social media, hashtags, and all of our information. It gives us some really great results.

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