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Why You Should Use Custom Water Bottle Labels at Your Next Company Event

Updated 11/14/2022
Why use custom water bottle labels at your next company event

No matter the industry you’re in, or what kind of event you’re having, custom designed, branded water bottle labels are a surefire way to excite your attendees. It may seem like an unnecessary detail, but we’re here to convince you that it’s an easy and cost-efficient way to leave a lasting impression on employees, clients, prospects, and anyone in between.

Why use custom water bottle labels?

Water bottle labels are a unique marketing tool worth adding to your toolbox… here’s why!

Employee Appreciation and Retention

Custom water bottle labels can be associated with an image of professionalism, attentiveness, and employee appreciation. Now, we’re not going to claim that water bottle labels alone will cause your company’s employee retention rate to go up… but they can certainly contribute to your overall strategy.

This small detail done consistently at corporate meetings and events will bolster employee confidence, and remind them that they’re working for a classy and professional organization that cares about boosting quality-of-life aspects of company culture.

Brand Awareness

This second reason goes hand-in-hand with the first. The image of professionalism and class that branded water bottle labels portray for your business can also work to attract customers at trade shows, conferences, and other events where you’ll have the opportunity to promote your business to prospects. Just have water bottle labels with your company name, logo, colors, and any other information that could influence buyers. Think slogan, mission statement, quote from your CEO, etc.

When prospects take your branded bottled water, your message will follow them as well. This in turn will increase exposure and awareness to your business, and hopefully help build future business relationships.

Think about it — with all the talking and walking around, people are bound to become thirsty at some point. This is where you can come in and make your business known. Because of the practicality of it, guests truly appreciate businesses that provide branded water bottle labels.

It’s a Fun Way To Convey Information

You can tie water bottles into your event by conveying any information you need them to. Include them in a scavenger hunt as a clue, play a match-finding game, or make them personalized with each one having a guest’s name on it, then place them at tables so they know where to sit. Personalization helps make an event or conference so much more memorable and special.

Having a company anniversary luncheon? Make sure your labels are boasting it! Employee appreciation dinner? Include a message of appreciation on your labels! Try to view water bottles as a marketing tool you can use to guide users, whether buyers or employees, to feel a certain way or to take an action. You can even put a QR code on your labels that will take guests to a specific website.

Just think about fun ways you can include water bottle labels at your event then get creative with it!

What kind of events call for custom water bottle labels?

Since water can (and should) be provided at any type of event, the possibilities are endless! There isn’t an event that can be held with some sort of beverage provided. Even if soft drinks will be served, it’s still considerate to have water bottles easily accessible at all times.

Here are some crucial events where branded water bottle labels are necessary:

Annual Meetings

If shareholders and investors are gathering for an annual meeting, having branded labels on water bottles can go a long way in displaying professionalism, and can even make them feel proud to be investing in a company like yours. The labels can even include a greeting, word of appreciation, company facts or statistics, and more.

Anniversary and Other Company Events

Any fun company event or gathering should have water bottles — so why not add an extra detail of custom labels? Show employees that you’re proud of the company culture you’ve fostered, as well as your growth as a business overall, by displaying your logo where everyone will see it. This is a great opportunity to remind attendees of your mission, vision, and objectives.

Fundraising Drives

Hand out water bottles with branded labels as a thank you for contributing to your fundraising drive! You can require guests to take water, so they’re guaranteed to see the messaging on the label. Make it stand out! Use your company colors, fonts, and imagery. You can even add a thank you message, the name of the event, and more.

Trade Shows and Conventions

This one is a no-brainer — having free water bottles to hand out at trade shows, conventions, and conferences can really set you apart from other companies. People will be walking around and interacting with each other, so chances are they’ll get super thirsty and need your water bottles.

Brand Launch

Last but certainly not least, a brand launch party is the perfect place to hand out branded water bottles (as well as other swag)! Include your brand name, logo, mission statement, or any other rebranded elements. These elements are easy for people to memorize when seen regularly and using a water bottle label will keep them in front of guests.

Ready to use custom water bottle labels at your next event?

Water bottle labels are easy when you work with a trusted label supplier. We offer all the standard water bottle label sizes, as well as a selection of durable, waterproof label materials that protect against moisture, ice, and humidity.

Need some design help? Try starting with one of your pre-designed water bottle label templates!

Print the labels yourself, or for guaranteed professional results every time, have us print them for you with custom water bottle labels.

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