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Adding & Editing Text in Your Designs

Add text to your label to convey your brand or product's message. Change, design, move, align, and arrange it at any time using the steps below.

How to Add Text to Your Design

Click "Text" in the vertical toolbar to the left of your label.
The text tab
Type your desired content in the black box where it says "Add your text here..."
Optional: Adjust any of the font or design settings below the orange button to format your text.
Click "+ Add Text to Design" to add it to your label.
Follow the steps below for instructions on editing and moving your text or learn how to arrange objects on your label.

How to Edit Text in Your Design

Click on the text you would like to edit. Use the customization options in the left "Object Properties" panel or double-click to begin typing in the textbox.
The text tab with added text
Click and drag your text across your canvas to move it.
Open the dropdown under "Font Family" to change the font of your text.
Use the up and down arrows under "Font Size" to update the size of your text.
Under "Font Style," you can choose to make your text bold by click "B," italic by clicking "I," or underlined by clicking the "U."
The text can be aligned left, center, or right using the three icons under "Align."
Add symbols by clicking on the registered trademark icon (®) under "Insert Text Symbol." You can close this dropdown by clicking on the registered trademark icon.
Click the circle next to "Font Color" to update the color of your text.
Note: When the color selection tool is open, your mouse transforms into an eyedropper tool. In this mode, you can copy a color from your canvas and apply it to your text.
To add or remove an outline from your text, toggle the switch beside the words "Outline Text." When turned on, you have the option to change the stroke color and thickness.
Select a shape beneath "Text Orientation" to change the curvature of your text.
Change how see-through the text is by dragging the slider under "Opacity" from 100% to 0%. You can also click on the number beside the percent sign to type in a specific value.
Use the controls under "Font Size" to update the size of your text.

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