Krylon Weatherproof / Waterproof Label Overcoat Spray

By Johnny Nieves

Some labeling jobs need extra protection to keep ink from running. For these projects. we suggest a clear overcoat spray such as Krylon’s "Preserve It!" This spray can be picked up at most hardware stores and is great for non-weatherproof labels that may come into contact with wet or humid conditions, or for weatherproof labels that need extreme durability.

Here are some labeling projects that may require an extra coat of protective spray:

  • Inkjet labels printed with vivid, highly saturated colors that may come into contact with moisture or heavy handling
  • Labels that may come into contact with chemicals
  • Applications where abrasion or scratching is a concern
  • Inkjet labels that may be refrigerated or frozen
  • Labels for outdoor use
  • Labels that are intended for use with soaps, oils, or other cosmetic products

How to Apply the Spray

  1. Print out your labels and make sure they are completely dry.
    Printing your labels
  2. Peel off the spacing material that separates the labels. This will make peeling the labels possible after you apply the spray.
    Peel off the label matrix
  3. Place the labels on a clean surface. Shake your spray can vigorously for about a minute.
    Shake the can of spray
  4. Hold the can 10-12 inches away from the surface of the labels and spray one coat using a sweeping motion while keeping an even distance from the label sheet.
    Spray an even coat over your labels
  5. For an even coat, begin spraying off the surface of the labels and pass over the sheet to the other edge. Release the spray button after each pass and give the can a good shake. Repeat until label sheet is covered.
    Spray edge-to-edge for an even coat
  6. Allow the labels to dry for 10-15 minutes. Wash your hands thoroughly after each use!
    Let your labels dry