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Regular 750mL Wine Bottle Labels

Label your wine with confidence. Browse popular label sizes for standard size wine bottles.

Mini Wine Bottle Labels

Create the perfect party favor with labels made to fit almost any individual-size wine bottle.

Large (Magnum) 1.5L Wine Bottle Labels

Dress up your 1.5 liter wine bottles with custom labels.

Small (Half) 375mL Wine Bottle Labels

Give your half-size wine bottle a label that fits.

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Learn How to Make Your Own Wine Bottle Labels

Searching for blank wine bottle labels? Follow these steps to create and print wine bottle labels that will blow your customers away:

  1. Measure your wine bottle using a printable ruler.
  2. Decide what style label you'd like, then select a label size that meets your needs. Tip: When creating a full-wrap label, go up a size in length (1/4" is standard) to ensure the ends overlap fully.
  3. Start designing with a blank template or start with a pre-designed template.
  4. Do a test print or read through our printing tips before running your labels in bulk.
  5. Prep your bottles, peel off the backing, and apply your labels.

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