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Bring your designs to life with printable sticker paper and captivate your audience!
Compatible with most popular cutting machine brands including Cricut & Silhouette. Available in weatherproof matte, white matte, and more.
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What is sticker paper?

Sticker paper usually refers to 8.5” x 11” adhesive paper that can be printed on using most inkjet or laser printers. Sticker paper gives you the power to create custom sticker sheets with rich colors using an electronic cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo®, Cricut Explore®, and Brother ScanNCut®. Printable sticker paper doesn't have back-slits on the liner, making it perfect to use with adhesive cutting machine mats. The uncut liner eliminates the risk of unintentionally tearing your sticker sheets.

We offer a variety of printable sticker paper materials including standard white matte, glossy, weatherproof, fluorescent, true color, clear, vinyl, and more.

See our best selling label paper materials below:

Already have your sticker printer paper? Check out our expert-tested sticker paper cut settings for best results with electronic paper cutters.

Looking for easy-to-peel full-sheet labels with back slits on the liner?

What's the difference between sticker paper and a full-sheet label?

Traditional full-sheet labels typically include a cut on the liner which makes peeling away the liner easier. Full-sheet labels are often used for shipping labels, warehouse signage, and other uses where the whole sheet will be printed and used. Printable sticker paper is free from back slits and is the popular choice for customers looking to print and cut their own stickers. Sticker paper is available in dozens of materials, colors, and finishes for a variety of projects.

Do you offer vinyl sticker paper?

We do offer a (laser only) weatherproof vinyl sticker paper (See OL3536LV). It is a true vinyl material that is chemical and water resistant. Our most popular sticker paper material for inkjet printers is OL177WJ. It is a film based product that has similar characteristics to vinyl (inkjet printers only). Our WJ inkjet sticker paper material (OL177WJ) is a matte sticker paper that is often referred to as "Unicorn Paper". Our customers say it feels like butter and prints vibrant, rich colors.

Are your sticker paper sheets logo-free?

Yes, our sticker paper is unbranded – the front and back are completely blank. It can be printed, cut, and used in a variety of DIY or commercial related endeavors.

What is an electronic cutting machine?

Electronic cutting machines are convenient, tabletop die-cutting units. Using a cutting machine program, you can specify where to cut, how thick to make the cuts, and more. This allows for incredibly precise lines that are great for custom stickers, lettering, intricate shapes, custom projects, and everything in between. They've been around since 2006, popularized largely by the crafters and illustrators – though today they offer benefits to personal and small business users all over the world. While the two oldest players and most popular brands in the arena are Cricut® and Silhouette®, more are entering the market every year.

How do I tell the top of a white sticker paper sheet from the liner side?

The back liner of a sticker paper sheet has a slightly different color than the facesheet, it's slightly off-white where the actual top side of the sticker sheet is a true white. The best way to differentiate the printing side from the liner side is viewing it under the proper lighting. Warm lighting (2700-3000K) will not help. You have to look at the sheet under cooler lighting, like fluorescent lights, at least 4000-5000K. If you don’t have access to cooler lighting, take it outside. Daylight typically has a color temperature in the 5000k range.

Can I write on your sticker paper sheets with a pen, marker, etc?

Each material will work differently, but permanent-style markers (such as Sharpies®) work on most of our products. If you want to use a ballpoint or felt-tip pen, our paper-based materials will give you the best results. Find out how different writing utensils fared on all of our materials.

What's the difference between kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers?

Kiss cut stickers leave the back liner intact, whereas full cut stickers cut all the way through it. If you're printing and kiss cutting your stickers, you'll have your original sheet with your design cut onto the page. If you're full cutting, you'll have individual cut out stickers. Both versions have the liner intact so you can use the full sticker sheet or individual stickers at your convenience.