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Shop blank or custom printed full-sheet label paper.
Pick the full sheet label configuration that's right for your business, whether you're printing full-sheet designs or having us custom print them for you.
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What are full-sheet labels?

You've probably encountered full-sheet labels without back slits before – they can be challenging to peel. That's because there's no easy spot to begin separating the label from its liner or back slit.

A back slit is a cut made to the liner side of the sheet. The liner is the side you peel off and discard when you're ready to apply your label. Adding a back slit to the liner makes peeling easier by giving you a separation access point. In turn, back slits can speed up the application process and help minimize damage to the label's integrity.

We offer several types of back slit configurations for your full sheet label paper.

Looking for easy-to-peel sticker paper with no back slits on the liner?

What type of label materials and colors are available?

We offer a variety of label materials and color options for of our full sheet label paper. Our standard white matte is our most versatile paper material starting at $10.45 for 100 sheets. We also offer crystal clear, brown Kraft, glossy, weatherproof, and a variety of fluorescent and true color options.

What's the difference between sticker paper and a full-sheet label?

The back slit. The cut or cuts on the back of a label sheet allow you to easily release the liner. Full sheet label paper is often used for shipping labels, warehouse signage, and other uses where the whole sheet will be printed and used. Sticker paper is free from back slits and is the popular choice for customers looking to kiss cut their own stickers.