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Poker Chip Labels

Use these popular sticker sizes to customize your poker chips.

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DIY Poker Chip Label Tips

Whether you need custom poker chips for a bachelor party, wedding, or home poker tournament, we have all or your labeling needs covered. We currently offer three sizes of DIY poker chip labels including 7/8" (.875"), 1", and 1.2". Designing your chip inlay is easy using our exclusive design software, Maestro Label Designer (free activation with purchase), and our poker chip label templates.

The material you apply to your poker chips makes a difference visually, but also affects how they feel, slide, and stack. Paper labels are your most affordable option, but may not hold up as well to extended use. Our weatherproof/waterproof materials are a popular option for custom poker chip labels. They are made to withstand heavy handling and above average wear-and-tear.

In either case, choose between matte or gloss to create the best poker chip labels for your event. While both will work, gloss is recommended as it will likely slide better across the table and feel smoother in players' hands.

As for the design, go all in. Make anything from custom poker chip denomination stickers to logo’d poker chips or add photographs, monograms, and more.

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