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Cosmetic Labels

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Beautify the containers and packaging of your makeup and cosmetic products.
Create custom cosmetic labels as eye-catching, glamorous, and high-quality as the beauty products they're being applied to.
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Square Cosmetic Labels

Browse square labels for your cosmetic containers, jars, bottles, and tubes.

Rectangle Cosmetic Labels

Perfect the look of your cosmetic products with rectangular labels.

Round Cosmetic Labels

Choose a circular label for any type of cosmetic container or use it as your lid label.

Oval Cosmetic Labels

Add smooth clean lines to your cosmetic containers with oval labels.

Unique Cosmetic Label Shapes

Make your cosmetic products stand out from the competition with these unique label shapes.

Lip Balm Labels

Add the perfect labels to your handcrafted lip balms with this variety of standard and tamper-evident options.

Can't find what you're looking for? Browse all of our standard sizes.

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Make the most of your homemade cosmetic labels

Your cosmetics are designed to make people look and feel their best, but is your packaging doing that for your product? Whether you're selling homemade cosmetics or commercial-grade products, adding a high-quality label will help elevate the appearance and value of your personal care products.

Take advantage of your container with labels designed to fit the lid, bottom, and sides. Available in a variety of sizes, our labels apply well to most popular cosmetic packaging materials, including glass, plastic, tin, and paperboard. For packaging that comes into contact with moisture or oils, try our weatherproof materials that will minimize ink smearing and keep your brand message in-tact.

Our range of products are sure to help you label your line of products, including:

  • Serums, Toners, Face Creams, Foundation
  • Blush, Eyeshadows, Eyeliners
  • Lip Balms, Lipsticks
  • Lotions, Soaps, Essential Oils

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