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Sanford Company Collects Pumpkins To Save Environment

By Online Labels

SANFORD, FL, October 31, 2019

Approximately 145 million Americans buy pumpkins in October to make homemade jack-o-lanterns, that's nearly 44% of the population.

After Halloween, the majority of those carved pumpkins end up in a landfill. As they decompose at the dump, they generate methane gas which is a large contributor to global warming.

One local company is doing their part to reduce the devastating impact of this festive tradition., an ecommerce company based in Sanford, is collecting pumpkins on November 1st to bring to South Seminole Farm & Nursery in Casselberry.

The team at South Seminole Farm & Nursery will be adding any leftover pumpkins to their compost pile. By composting the discarded decorations instead of adding them to a landfill, South Seminole is creating nutrient-rich soil for their plants and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Inspire others to make an eco-friendly choice this Halloween. Share this post and find a composting station near you.

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