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OnlineLabels Announces New Range of Compliance Labels for Enhanced Safety and Regulatory Adherence

By Isabella Nieto

SANFORD, FL, March 25, 2024

Sanford, Florida — OnlineLabels, a leading provider of label solutions for businesses and consumers, has recently introduced a range of stock pre-printed labels for safety and compliance. These offerings are specifically designed to meet various regulatory standards, ensuring that businesses can easily adhere to safety and legal guidelines when labeling their products or shipments.

“We understand the importance of compliance and safety in today’s market,” said Dave Carmany, CEO at OnlineLabels. “Our new line of compliance labels is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with solutions that help their products and shipments meet a wide variety of regulatory standards. With easy online ordering and quick shipping, we are making it more simple for businesses to get the labels they need quickly and easily.”

The new collection features a variety of label types, each tailored to specific regulatory needs:

  • Alcohol Warning Labels: These labels are crucial for businesses selling alcoholic products, providing clear warnings about the potential health risks associated with consumption. They include the mandatory Surgeon General Alcohol Warning, following Code of Federal Regulations Title 27.
  • Candle Warning Labels: To promote fire safety, these labels contain important information regarding the safe use of candles, ensuring compliance with ASTM F2058.
  • Shipping Warning Labels: These labels are designed to facilitate safe and efficient transportation of goods, offering instructions on content handling and potential hazards. They comply with the DOT Hazardous Material Regulations and the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Battery Labels: With the growing use of electronic devices, proper battery disposal and awareness of potential hazards are crucial. These labels indicate the correct disposal methods and warn of the risks of leaks or fires, in compliance with DOT Hazardous Material ordinances.
  • Fragile Labels: Ideal for items that require special care during transportation, these labels clearly state that the contents are delicate and must be handled with caution, following IATA DGR compliance guidelines.

With the launch of this new product line, the company reaffirms its dedication to innovation, safety, and regulatory compliance with its clients’ needs. The extended selection of designs will allow businesses to ensure that their products meet the necessary safety standards, and foster compliance in every transaction.

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