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Rectangular Labels with Rounded Corners

Create the perfect label for your project with these rounded corner rectangle labels in white gloss laser.

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Rectangular Labels with Square Corners

Accentuate your design or container with these white gloss laser, squared corner labels.

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Circular Labels and Oval Labels

Impress customers, recipients, and friends with these round, white gloss laser labels.

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Media Labels

Add a personal touch to your CDs, DVDs, and disks with these blank white gloss laser labels.

Barbell Labels

Miscellaneous Labels

Create one-of-a-kind labels with these printable white gloss laser stickers.

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Why Products Deserve Gloss Labels

Your product labels are your greatest asset. You want them to catch the light on store shelves and grab the customer's eye. Gloss labels reflect light, doing just that. They look and feel upscale, adding sophistication and allure to any product. In addition, the bright white color creates the perfect background for vibrant, colorful designs to pop. Add them to nearly any surface including metal, plastic, and glass for the perfect finishing touch.

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White Gloss Laser Labels (WS) - Technical Material Details
Our white gloss laser label material will produce photo-quality results when used with a laser printer. This material has a bright white, high-gloss shine to it.
Facestock Weight: 57 lbs. per ream ± 10% (25" x 38", 500 sheets)
Facestock Caliper: 3.7 mil ± 10%
Liner Weight: 51 lbs. per ream ± 10% (24" x 36", 500 sheets)
Liner Caliper: 3.2 mil ± 10%
Total Caliper: 7.5 mil ± 10%
Min. Application Temperature: +25° F
Once applied, will withstand: -75° F to +200° F temperatures