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0.15oz Lip Balm Tube & Cap Labels

Apply this tamper-evident lip balm label over part of your lip balm tube to create one-of-a-kind lip balm labels.

0.15oz Round & Oval Lip Balm Tube Labels

Spice up your lip balm tubes with these full-wrap labels.

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Labels Per Sheet

0.25oz Slide-Top Lip Balm Tin Labels

Highlight the uniqueness of your slide-top tin containers with form-fitting labels.

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Labels Per Sheet

0.5oz Lip Balm Tube Labels

Wrap these labels around your large lip balm tubes for the ultimate full-wrap, professional impression.

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Labels Per Sheet

Slim Line Lip Balm Tube Labels

Give your tall twist-up lip balm tubes a label that fits.

Lip Balm Lid Labels

Emphasize important information like scent or flavor with a lip balm lid label.

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Getting Started with Lip Balm Labels

Making your own lip balm labels has never been easier. With our variety of shapes and sizes, you can create custom labels for any lip balm tube, tin, or container. You can even opt for our safety seal lip balm labels for extra security and to ensure freshness.

When it comes to choosing a material, try our laser-printable or weatherproof materials with your lip balm containers. They offer stronger resistance to heavy-handling so your design will stay in tact longer. Our weatherproof materials also feature a more durable adhesive, so the labels will stay wrapped around your tube without fail.

Lip balm labels can be great as:

  • Wedding, bachelorette, baby shower favors
  • Promotional, giveaway items
  • Holiday gifts
  • Retail products

Tips for Making Custom Lip Balm Labels

Whether you're creating lip balms for your business or for friends down the street, here are a few things to keep in mind.

When it comes to choosing a material, try our line of weatherproof labels. They feature stronger adhesives to prevent peeling and they can better withstand heavy-handling. This means your label will hold up to frequent use like carrying them in purses or pockets.will last as long as your product.

Before you start designing, rotate the template! Our templates are set up to match the orientation of the label on your sheet, but with lip balm, that means you'd be designing your labels vertically.

Leave some blank space at the end of the label while you're creating your design. Our lip balm configurations are designed with some overlap, so if you design the whole thing, some of it may get covered up!

To apply your label, stick the middle of the label first. (If your label has a perforated top, try using that as a guide, too.) It can be tempting to start from the edge and work in, but and working your way out will give you better results.

Following these important steps will help make sure your labels look clean and professional. Learn more about our lip balm labels in our Label Learning Center.

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