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Home Ideas Standard Poodle Dog Sticker Set

Standard Poodle Dog Sticker Set - Label Ideas

by Chrissy

A pack of waterproof dog stickers.

How was this label used?

I used the Weatherproof Matte Inkjet labels to create stickers out of my custom art. I use the print and cut feature with my Silhouette Portrait machine and the Weatherproof Matte Inkjet labels in the 8.5"x11" sheets. Once printed and cut they're assembled in little packs of stickers and listed for sale on my Etsy shop - Illustrate Chrissy! I also use the same sheets to create all the packaging materials for my business, including my brand stickers and thank you stickers used to seal the packages.

Useful tips for this project

Use a laminating sheet of clear sticker paper on top of the printed sheet to make the stickers more durable, scratch resistant and waterproof! This means my stickers can be used on reusable water bottles or other surfaces in contact with water.