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Home Ideas Scented Dead Sea Salt Scrubs by Twenty-Three Angels

Scented Dead Sea Salt Scrubs by Twenty-Three Angels - Label Ideas

by Tony Aparicio

Twenty-Three Angels makes body scrubs using certified Dead Sea salt and uses therapeutic grade essential oils with a blend of moisturizers that leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling great! Dead Sea salt and essential oils together help the body to naturally fight bacterial and fungal infections, treat skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, etc.), counter toxins, and many are even effective against viruses such as influenza. They are also known to relieve stress and many are even aphrodisiacs

Useful tips for this project

Using the printer's bypass feeder ensures that pages are loaded straight. The combination of the two labels fit perfectly around the eight ounce jar and allow one to have the name and design while the smaller label contains the list of ingredients and other legal information (copyrights, bar codes, etc.)