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Paisley & Company's Aromatherapy Product Line - Label Ideas

by Joanne Lapic, Managing Partner, Paisley & Company LLC

Since 2003, Paisley & Company has been making a wide variety of small batch products for home, body, and bath, using our own combinations of close to 350 fragrance and essential oils. In 2015, we launched our aromatherapy line, which includes custom blends of essential oils selected to promote, sleep, focus, tranquility, and other desirable states. We pack our aromatherapy line in frosted glass to distinguish it from our other product lines.

How was this label used?

We chose the clear gloss labels for this project because they stand out from the frosted glass surface of the packaging. We have custom drawings that form our signature background, and use a combination of three fonts for our branding. Most of our products have the scents handwritten on the labels, but this particular line we pre-print using the Maestro Label Designer software.

Useful tips for this project

We've found the Maestro Label Designer software useful for printing shelf cards and scent description labels, in addition to the standard use of printing product labels.