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LunaGrown Jam Holiday Assortment - Label Ideas

by Chris

LunaGrown creates Jams and Marmalades. We sell our product nationally and rely on Online Labels to provide us with high quality cost effective material for our products finishing touches. We utilize a 7" label for our main source of information. We finish the top of our product with the 2.5" circle. Also we incorporate the 1.75" band as a safety to let our customers know the product has not been tampered with in transit. Using these labels together creates a well packaged eye pleasing product.

Useful tips for this project

Initially we printed on an HP inkjet. This was fine for our company in the beginning. However we found as we grew it was not cost effective. We began using Staples Copy Center, and in the beginning they were good, then the quality of the printing began to fade and we moved on.<br/><br/>We use the services of a local print house in conjunction with Online Labels. We create the PDF using the Mystro Designer, Save the PDF files, which we send to the printers. They line things up and give us beautiful labels to work with whether in large or small batches.<br/><br/>I do not know the type of printer the print house uses, only that it's a laser printer.