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Froggy's Popcorn - Label Ideas

by Melanie Fischer

Froggy's Popcorn is a uniquely flavored gourmet packaged popcorn company located in Louisville, KY. Our local craft, small batch, from scratch popcorn is made with love, and a portion of our profits go to animal shelters and advocacy groups. Named after a house cat named Frog (our mascot), we offer crazy flavors like Beer Cheese and Pretzels, Mexican Street Corn, and Lemon Sugar Cookie. We deliver locally (in a cat mascot head, because why not?) or popcorn fans can order online!

How was this label used?

Every flavor of our popcorn features a different animal drawing on the front of the product bags. We use the OL2279 3" white gloss circle labels for the front. The back of our bags contains some info about who we are, the product ingredients, our contact info, and the best by date For these, we use the OL575 3.75"x2.438" in white gloss. The pricing for these labels works out well for us, as we are a new company, and we're still figuring out what products our customers like the best. Ordering printed stickers is out of our budget, and printing ourselves allows us to make quick, inexpensive changes. Maestro Label Designer is amazing too! Especially since we have so many different product flavors. What we've saved in packaging has allowed us to invest in the business in ways that are setting Froggy's up for total world popcorn domination! Thank you Online Labels!

Useful tips for this project

The 3” circles used to stick to each other, about every 10th one. They don't seem to do this anymore, like rarely, But I still only print three at a time, so that the printer pauses in between the print jobs.