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Brandywine Botanicals Aromatherapy Products - Label Ideas

by Robin Kielkowski

Brandywine Botanicals offers an aromatherapy practice that begin with a discussion about clients' health and wellness goals. Custom products are blended for each client to help them meet their goals. Pre-blended products and natural perfume are available and we host aromatherapy and natural perfume workshops. Products are created in small batches in our studio. The products in our photo are examples of our pre-blended line and were photographed in the studio garden.

How was this label used?

Brandywine Botanicals labels were designed to meet labeling requirements and reflect our approach to aromatherapy practice: simple is better. Labels must be able to stand up to the essential and carrier oils, alcohol or water used in our products. Our company is fairly new and we are learning what our clients prefer so change certain aspects of products and label designs fairly often. Design, printing and cutting are done on-site providing the flexibility to create ad-hoc labels of varying sizes during this early stage of the business. This is a labor (time)-intensive process and our goal is to have pre-printed labels once our product line stabilizes.

Useful tips for this project

In support of flexibility and to avoid licensing issues, we use standard fonts. Printing is done with the printer set to High quality. We chose not to use borders which make uneven label cutting obvious. Cut marks are used as guides for cutting on our 18" x 18" Swingline guillotine paper cutter. Each bottle is wiped with alcholo to remove oils from filling to ensure good adhesion. Bottles are placed flat on the paper cutter to leverage the embedded grid. We are careful to minimize touching the label after the backing is removed then, using the grid for guidance, place the label evening on the bottle starting from the middle and smoothing outward to avoid wrinkles or air bubbles.