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Full-Bleed Labels with Rounded Corners

Shop print-to-the-edge square and rectangular labels with rounded orders.

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Full-Bleed Labels with Square Corners

Browse these square and rectangular labels with full-bleed printing margins and squared corners.

Full-Bleed Round Labels

Print beyond the edge of your label with these round label options.

Full-Bleed Oval Labels

Cover these oval labels with your full-bleed design.

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What is "full bleed?"

If the edges of your design are getting cut off, it may be because your label configuration extends to the edge of your sheet, or close to it, where the printer can't reach. That space is called the "non-printable margin." Most printers have one, which is why this list is so important. We're committed to helping you create the perfect full-bleed labels for your project.

So what is "full bleed?" The term is commonly used by print shops and design professionals. It describes the desire or need to print background colors and images beyond the die-cut edge of a label. This means no unprinted edges along the sides of your label. It creates a seamless design from your label to your intended surface.

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