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Billboard-Shaped Cigar Labels

Give your message the perfect space to shine with these billboard-style cigar bands.

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Fancy Cigar Labels

Dress up your cigars with formal, decorative cigar rings.

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Traditional Cigar Labels

Make your own cigar labels with this professional and classic cigar band shape.

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Buckle Cigar Labels

Close the gap in your marketing with promotional buckle-shaped cigar stickers.

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Simple Cigar Labels

Highlight your message with a clean rectangular cigar band.

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How DIY Cigar Labels Work

Our custom cigar labels are specially designed and engineered to bring professional quality cigar labels to the personalization market. By applying the adhesive to one end of the label only, it never makes direct contact with the cigar itself. This patterned adhesive preserves the integrity and flavor of your cigar without compromising how well the label will stay attached.

Our patent-pending design includes 16 cigar band labels per sheet, each specially designed to fit cigar sizes ranging from 42-60 gauge. Every shape and style comes in both a standard white matte material as well as our silver foil.

When applying your customized cigar label, wrap the label around the cigar and stick the adhesive side to the opposite label. Don't let the adhesive make contact with the cigar for best results.

Event Ideas for Personalized Cigar Labels

A custom cigar label is a quick and easy way to celebrate an engagement, graduation, or promotion. Design your cigar labels with any message including important dates, names, and places. Personalized cigar bands turn a good cigar into a great one!

Here are a few popular common uses and occasions for DIY cigar labels:

  • Special Announcements - Celebrate promotions, graduations, and more with a congratulatory cigar.
  • Engagements & Weddings - Customize cigar bands with the date, place, and names of the lucky couple.
  • Anniversaries - Raise a glass and a cigar to big milestones with custom cigar labels.
  • Birth Announcements - Let everyone know your baby has arrived with a cigar featuring a personalized cigar band. Put the baby's name, weight, date, and time they arrived right on the cigar label.
  • Birthdays - Celebrate big birthdays like a 21st, 40th, 50th, or 60th with a personalized cigar. Hand them out or create a cigar bar for the festivities.
  • Business or Corporate Cigars - Use customized cigar labels to welcome a client, brand your company, or mark big milestones and successes.
  • Promotional Items - Promote your business, product, or service with the perfect promotional giveaway item. They're sure to impress everybody at your next tradeshow.
  • Golf & Country Club Outings - Spice up the round with personalized cigar labels. They're a fun way to impress friends or customers during tournaments and company golf outings.
  • Restaurant & Lounge Offerings - Use custom cigar bands as a marketing, advertising, or promotional tool for your bar or nightclub. Put your bar's name or logo right on the cigar band.

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