Personalize Your Cigar Labels & Cigar Bands!

Personalize Your Cigar Labels & Cigar Bands!

You've just found the premier place for blank cigar bands! Choose from four different styles of our blank cigar bands and start designing immediately with Maestro Label Designer. Once you finish customizing your cigar labels, simply print them from virtually any laser or inkjet printer.

Why pay for someone else to design and print your cigar bands when you can do it yourself? We offer all of these blank cigar band sizes in two different materials, white and metallic silver. Simply begin by selecting the cigar label style of your choice below!

Common uses of custom cigar labels and cigar bands...
Wedding & Anniversary - Wedding Cigar Labels

Weddings & Anniversary Cigar Bands

Customize cigar bands with the date, place and names of the lucky couple. Personalized cigar labels are also great for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and anniversaries. Add funny or special messages to cigar bands to capture attention while making memories!

Golf & Country Club - Golf Club Cigar Labels

Golf & Country Club Cigar Bands

Ideal for the course or the clubhouse, custom cigar bands are sure to impress. A great way to promote the club or a cool way to spice up the round, personalized cigar labels can be used for tournaments, company golf outings or even in the 19th hole.

Business or Corporate - Corporate Cigar Labels

Business or Corporate Cigar Bands

Use customized cigar labels to welcome a client or as a promotional giveaways at tradeshows. Cigar bands can mark company milestones or highlight successes. Perfect for branding or advertising, personalized cigar bands will ‘light up’ any occasion.

Special Announcements - Announcement Cigar Labels

Special Announcement Cigar Bands

A personalized cigar label is a quick and easy way to celebrate engagement, graduation or promotion announcements. Design your cigar labels with any messages including important dates, names and places. Custom cigar bands turn a good cigar into a great one!

Restaurants & Lounge - Restaurants Cigar Labels

Restaurants & Lounge Cigar Bands

Use custom cigar bands as a marketing, advertising or promotional tool for your bar or nightclub. Put the bar’s name or logo right on the cigar band and watch your patrons' reactions. The perfect companion to a branded matchbook, a personalized cigar band is certain to get some attention.

Baby & Birthday - Celebratory Custom Labels

Baby & Birthday Cigar Bands

Let everyone know your baby has arrived with a custom cigar featuring a personalized cigar band! Put the baby's name, weight, date and time he or she arrived right on the cigar label. Cigar bands are also a great way to celebrate a big birthday like a 21st, 40th, 50th or 60th with personalized messages. Let the cigar bands say it all!

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