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Brand-Recognition: Where to Use Your Logo

Updated 10/26/2020
Logo placement ideas for increased brand recognition

When a customer thinks of your business, it's likely your logo that comes to mind first. Part of this has to do with the logo itself. The design is a visual connection with your business.

For small businesses in the same industry, this can be especially important when it comes to standing out. You're competing for the same customers so it's vital that your brand, value, and products are identifiable.

Still in the design phase? Check out our article on developing a brand identity.

But once your brand is fully established, how do you build that name/logo recognition? Ecommerce marketing can be tricky, but the big answer has to do with putting your logo in all the right places.

Website Header

How to include your company logo on your business' website. Example:

Since the inception of the internet, there's been an unspoken rule that logos go in the upper left-hand corner of your website header. With how far technology has come, this is now an optional placement but our eyes have been trained to look there first.

Your logo should also act as a button that brings the user back to the homepage of your site. Both the placement and logo button are widely used, to the point where you may create friction for the user if your site doesn't follow suit. Therefore, in these instances, "switching things up" may not be in your best interest.

Customer Service Emails

Every touchpoint your customer experiences should be branded for consistency and clarity. The first thing they should see in every type of communication (be it personalized or automated), should be a header with your business' logo.

So whether it's customer service emails, invoices, or shipping emails, don't miss your opportunity. This is easy to setup in automated email systems like MailChimp, so don't worry about needing a graphic for every email you send.

Social Media

This one should be a no-brainer – social media is a must in business right now. And for good reason, that's where your customers are!

When setting up your accounts, make sure the profile picture on every platform is your logo. This can be just the symbol if your logo is flexible, it doesn't have to be the full text version if you can't fit it.

In either case, it's an easily recognizable way for your customers to find – and share – your accounts, which is essential for small businesses that need brand awareness to thrive.

Pro tip: Every profile picture should match. Having variations of your logo is fine, most companies have a few versions: vertical/horizontal, black and white, etc. But consistency is most important for recognition, especially on social media.

Product Packaging & Shipping Boxes

Add logo stickers to your product packaging or shipping boxes for extra brand recognition

Your customer is undoubtedly excited about receiving their product – so make sure they know right away that the box is from you! Put your company logo right on the box for increased clarity.

No, you don't need to splurge on branded boxes, but adding a logo sticker near the address label (or using designated shipping labels) can help with brand awareness and customer excitement.

Packaging Inserts

Small business order shipment with product packaging insert included, offering 20% your next purchase

When an order goes out, you're probably already including an invoice or thank you note. If you're not, explore packaging inserts and their benefits.

If your buyer stashes your insert away for their records and then comes back to it another time, you want your logo and website right there for easy re-ordering and sharing with friends. That's why this is another great place to add your logo and drive home that brand recognition.


Custom diecut logo stickers perfect for giveaways and promo handouts Logo stickers cut using an electronic cutting machine for handing out at events.

Throw logo stickers into every order or pass them out at farmer's markets to keep generating buzz and brand recognition. These stickers can vary by size and material to match your needs, and can even be printed on your own printer.

Decide whether your business should offer promo stickers.

The are a few key places to apply your logo that set your business up for success. It's not just about branding consistency either, it's about the user's experience from your website all the way through receiving the product.

Now take what you've learned and get started! Or, keep learning with our article on creating eye-catching stickers.

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