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Increase Customer Loyalty and Sales With Package Inserts

Packaging insert thank you card.

An effective packaging insert program can make your product unboxing an experience to remember while building credibility and loyalty among users. Your initial shipment is your chance to make a great impression and establish a strong relationship that will lead to repeat orders.

While you can place a packaging insert in every order, this article focuses on the first order specifically.

Packaging Insert Statistics & Benefits

According to Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 86% of consumers feel a greater connection with your business when you use direct mail. Using a well thought-out and designed packaging insert program as part of your direct mail campaign reinforces the trust your customers have with you.

Additionally, research from the DMA Insert Council found that traditional print inserts supported and complemented online marketing efforts. Some advertisers in the study averaged a 52% response, while some even reported a 70% hit rate.

Intangible benefits:

  • Customers feel more engaged with your business and are more likely to act as brand ambassadors.
  • You make it easier for customers to share their unboxing experience and engage with your business when your social media handles are handy.
  • You show your customers you're more than a one-and-done company, that you value your customers and want to build that relationship.

Packaging Insert Ideas

All items in your packaging insert program need to speak to your customers, address their wants and needs, and help them solve their problems. Your inserts should convey that you care about them and aren't just in it to selling product.

Here are ideas you can incorporate in your packaging insert copy or design:

  • Say 'thank you'
  • Encourage them to follow you on social media
  • Ask them to review your business or product
  • Tell them how to easily reorder
  • Offer discount cards, promo codes etc. with exclusive offers
  • Include case studies and testimonials to build trust
  • Guide the customer to a webpage for more information, instructions, or free downloads that make their experience easier

Creating Packaging Inserts

When it comes to creating your inserts, employ the same persuasive copy techniques here as you would in your other areas of marketing. Be sure to include:

  • Engaging headline
  • Offer
  • A deadline, timeframe, or expiration date
  • Benefits of your company or product
  • Clear call to action

Instead of nailing down your favorite combination, test different options among a small user-base. Then, moving forward, go with the one that gives you the best response.

Just make sure you have a way to measure response rate! This goes for your test run, but also the final product. You want a way to quantify results. Trackable URLs, phone numbers, or discount codes are easy options (these are common methods among big retailers).

Think Practical

We offer a variety of packaging inserts. Start small with business card sizes or use the larger thank you note sizes for longer, bigger messages.

Including integrated forms as part of your packaging inserts program can also play an important part in the customer experience. What are integrated forms? They're part label, part paper. Integrated forms allow you to include an invoice or packing list on the same page as your shipping label. This makes it easy for customers to double-check they got what they paid for, as well as resolve any problems they may encounter with your order.

Including return shipping labels, return instructions, contact information, and more makes them additionally useful. If you have unused space on them, you can even add some on-brand elements, visual aids, related products, additional offers, etc. They can help increase accuracy and efficiency during the order fulfillment process on your end, too.

Impressing your customers and simplifying your packaging process is only a step away. Try adding packaging inserts and integrated forms to your shipments today.