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Increase Customer Loyalty and Sales With Package Inserts

Updated 10/16/2020
Packaging insert thank you card.

Each order you ship is a chance to make a great impression and establish a strong relationship that will lead to repeat orders. But besides offering a great product, how do you seal the deal? Packaging inserts.

An effective packaging insert program can make your product unboxing an experience to remember and lead to repeat business. Your small business' packing inserts can range from business cards to postcards, depending on your message and goal.

You'll find they're popular among sellers of all shapes and sizes, including Handmade crafters on Etsy, large online brands, and ecommerce retailers on Amazon. Why? Because it's an effective means of building loyalty.

In the following article, we discuss how inserts help and give you advice on how to create a successful insert program for your small business.

Packaging Insert Benefits

According to Direct Marketing Association (DMA), traditional print inserts supported and complemented online marketing efforts. Some advertisers in the study averaged a 52% response rate, while some even reported returns upwards of 70%.

Numbers aside, there are also a list of intangible benefits that make packaging inserts a worthwhile investment. Consumers don't just want to receive the product they ordered, they want an experience. A handwritten or personalized note can go a long way to making them feel special.

It also makes customers feel more engaged with your business and thus more likely to act as brand ambassadors post-purchase. You show them that you're more than a one-and-done company, that you value their business and want to build a relationship.

Plus, with your social media handles front-and-center, customers may be quick to share their unboxing experience and engage with your business.

How To Create Small Business Packaging Inserts

Your packaging insert program needs to speak to your customers, address their wants and needs, and help them solve a problem. Decide what you want to get out of an insert campaign and gear the focus in that direction.

Choose Your Size & Format

When it comes to creating your inserts, choose whatever size jibes with the size of your product and packaging. A full-sheet insert is probably pretty large for most handmade sellers, so smaller options may work better.

Check out all of our packaging insert sizes. You'll find a mix of sizes popular for use as business cards, name tag inserts, and postcards. Since they're blank, you can repurpose them for all of your shipping and packaging needs!

Narrow Down A Goal

There are no rules on what you can and cannot say, so do what feels right for your business. Your successful packaging insert campaigns could:

  • Simply say 'thank you'
  • Encourage customers to follow you on social media
  • Ask customers to review your business or product
  • Tell customers how to reorder
  • Offer discounts, free shipping, or another type of promo for their next purchase
  • Send customers exclusive offers
  • Promote a more expensive product
  • Recommend products they may like based on their purchase
  • Include case studies and testimonials to build trust
  • Guide customers to instructions or free downloads related to their purchase that will make their experience easier
  • Attach a product sample
  • Push sale items, out-of-season products, or merchandise you have excess inventory of
  • Advertise upcoming events or specials
  • Outline benefits of your company or product

The ideas don't have to stop here. You can change these as often as you'd like, so pick what's right for your business in-the-moment. The easiest option may be just to align this with your regular marketing efforts.

Create The Design & Content

Example of packaging insert for small business

Your packaging insert should include an engaging headline to capture their attention. You don't want it getting thrown out in the excitement of unwrapping your box.

If you're offering a special discount, be sure to specify the deadline, timeframe, or expiration date. If they go to use it too late, they may leave with a sour taste in their mouth.

Above all else, make sure you add a clear call to action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and why they should want to.

Instead of nailing down just one, test multiple options. Just make sure you have a way to quantify the results. Trackable URLs, phone numbers, or discount codes are easy options commonly used by big retailers.

Send Them Out

Packaging inserts can be placed in every order, boxes of first-time customers only, shipments of specific product lines, purchases of high-value products, or something even more strategic. Decide what timing and pattern works best with your messaging and business cycle, then execute on it.

Impressing your customers and simplifying your packaging process is only a step away. Try adding packaging inserts to your shipments today.

Want to follow-through on the same idea without the extra step? Try using stickers to gain repeat customers or including integrated forms instead.

Integrated forms are part label, part paper. They allow you to include an invoice or packing list on the same page as your shipping label. This makes it easy for customers to double-check they got what they paid for, as well as resolve any problems they may encounter with your order. It's also where customers can look for return shipping labels, use/return instructions, contact information, and more.

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