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Marketing Your Product On Etsy

Updated 10/26/2020
Tips and tricks for marketing your Etsy shop.

Marketing starts at the product level. Your product is what you're selling, not your blogs, ads, or any other communication tool. Follow these tips to make your product as appealing as possible on your Etsy store.

Post high-quality photos

Professional product photograph. Photo Credit: Studio B Print Shop

The visual layout of the site and the custom nature of its products calls for high-quality imagery. Clear main images are what entice buyers to click into your listing.

From there, upload as many photos as you can so the customer can best understand and relate to your product.

When taking product photos for your Etsy listing, keep in mind that the dimensions are square. You may need to crop some of your background out or add more background to fill the entire frame correctly.

Some photo ideas include:

In-use shot

Skin care product in use. Photo Credit: Bestowed Essentials

Lifestyle images are a great way to give potential customers a look at the functional use of your product. Consider this if your object is a wearable or can be difficult to assemble or use.

Size comparison

Journal page compared to a household ruler. Photo Credit: Good Vibes Illustrations

Placing your product next to a common, easily identifiable object can help provide a frame of reference for customers. Craft supplies, plants, decorations, or even a ruler are all great props to stage a beautiful and useful shot.

Product close-up

Close up shot of a sticker that comes in a set. Photo Credit: Beckon Joy

Highlight the special features or textures of your product with a dedicated photo. If you are selling items in a set, consider taking a close-up picture of just one of the items alone.

Different angles

Top-down view of a bath and body product on Etsy. Photo Credit: Bestowed Essentials

Try and photograph your products from as many angles as possible. Top, back, and side-view photos will allow users to fully visualize your product before purchasing.

Variations or options

Image showing multiple color variations a customer can choose. Photo Credit: Adara Doodles

Emphasize any customization choices you offer to your customers. Include an image with digital color swatches, font options, and more.

Write vivid item descriptions

Brief, poor descriptions can quickly turn buyers away. Describe your product in great detail and consider articulating your unique selling proposition.

With so many sellers on Etsy, the description is your opportunity to differentiate your product and close the sale.

Try covering the following information:

What it is

You likely included this key fact in the title of your listing, but it benefits the customer to see it again.

Color details

The pictures will help with this, but monitors or screens can show color differently. Describe the color in words to help the customer visualize the product and confirm it's what they're looking for.

Size specifications

List out any measurements when applicable. Candle jars come in all different heights and sizes, for example.

Ingredients or production materials

If your products are edible or for use on the body, people want to know what's in them. Even though your ingredients may be listed on your product label, mention them again here. The same goes for textiles and other finished products. If your blouse is made from 100% cotton, let your customers know.

Use instructions

Use instructions for some products like soap can be self-explanatory, but sometimes there are best practices. Describe those if they apply.

Now that you know what to include, find out how to structure it. This Etsy article will help you optimize your listing description.

Pro tip: Write the most important information first. Google pulls the beginning of your product description for its search results.

Add more products

Increasing your product offerings shows Etsy that your store is thriving. This can help boost your ranking in the platforms search results and category pages.

Not sure what to add?

Offer these things without the hassle of developing new products:


Create variations of your best seller. Change the color, size, container, or label design for a fast new idea. You can create different quantity listings also. Add a three-pack of your most popular product, for example.


Gift sets or bundling complementary products could be huge hits for your Etsy shop. Do you notice lots of customers purchase the same two or three items? Make them a set, add a little discount, and start selling it.


If you sell your products in groups or kits, try selling them separately, too.

Coming up with new product ideas isn't a one-person job. Ask your customers to submit requests, or turn common customizations into standard items. After all, the more items you have, the more ways consumers can find you and buy your products.

Etsy marketing is a huge and profitable marketplace, and we're only getting started. Check out our other related content like Etsy seller interviews, Etsy vs Amazon Handmade, and more in our article center.

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