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How To Use Clear Labels as an Over-Laminate for Stickers and Labels

Updated 05/11/2023
How to use clear labels as an over-laminate

Self-laminating your stickers and labels is a great way to give them extra durability and protection against smearing, tearing, and heavy handling. Not to mention, it’ll add a shiny finish to your sticker and labels, giving them a professional look!

It’s easier than you may think with our self-laminating sheets, and in this article, we’ll walk you through how to do it!

Gather Your Materials

First, gather your materials. You’ll need:

That’s it!

The Method

Remove the top sliver of liner for easy peeling.

Peel backing off

Attach the laminate to your label sheet on one end, and slowly peel the liner back and smooth the laminate down as you go. You really want to take your time on this, and make sure you’re smoothing down thoroughly to prevent air bubbles as much as possible.

Attach laminate to sticker sheet

Once the laminate sheet is in place over your stickers or labels, use a squeegee or credit card to smooth out any bubbles that snuck in there.

Use squeegee to get air bubbles out

Your stickers or labels are now ready to cut! Hand cut them with scissors, or if you’re using an electronic cutting machine, make sure you increase your cut settings depth to account for the extra laminate layer.

Cut stickers with cut machine

Tip: If your electronic cutting machine is having trouble registering the glossy laminate, try placing a piece of clear matte tape over the registration mark.

Bonus method: If you want to laminate die-cut stickers or labels, you can purchase a blank label template in Clear Gloss Laser to place over your labels. Just make sure that the laminate labels are the same shape, and a slightly larger size. For example, using 1.2" circles as laminate for 1" circle labels.

Apply a larger clear label over a sticker or label

If you go with this method, you would have a ring of the clear laminate around your labels. Keep in mind that this method is not good if you’re making stickers or labels to sell, and is best for one-offs, or for personal use like kitchen organization, and stickers that are already on a surface.

Finished laminated sticker

We hope you consider adding extra protection and shine to your stickers or labels with our self-laminating sheets.

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