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How To Secure Leads With Branded Water Bottle Labels

Updated 01/26/2023
How to secure leads with branded water bottle labels

Branded water bottles let you turn something everyone wants into an opportunity to promote your business. More memorable than a business card, and more impactful than something seen once and shoved in a pocket, or worse, the garbage — branded water bottle labels are useful and seen every time someone takes a sip.

Events, and Open Houses, and Pop-Up Shops, Oh My!

Branded water bottles are an easy thing to hand out at an event and passively gain new customers. If the product or service your business sells is something that the audience really needs or wants, they may hold onto the water bottle with your information on it (or just take a picture of it) for later.

You’d be surprised how long people may hold onto information for a service they need. One realtor on TikTok shares how she benefited from her own branded water bottle labels — 6 years later!

Branded water bottle labels are perfect for realtors, pop-up shops, and really all types of events (especially outdoors). The thing to keep in mind is how passive this marketing tactic really is. You never know who will see your branded label and how far that reach can go.

The opportunity doesn’t just live with those taking your water bottle at an event — they may give it to a thirsty friend they’re meeting up with, or a random person may catch a glimpse as the holder is drinking the water — you never know what will spark intrigue for a product or service people need.

Memorable water bottle labels don’t have to be flashy to be impactful. Like @ByronLazine from the TikTok clip, it can be as simple as including a picture of yourself.

How to Get Custom Water Bottle Labels

Creating your own branded water bottle labels may sound daunting but it’s actually a simple process.

With our water bottle labels, you can choose what size works with your design and either print them yourself or have them printed and shipped to your door.

To create custom water bottle labels, you can choose all the details like shape, size, material, finish, and application method. Then, you can upload your artwork and there you have it: professional, polished, lead-securing "business cards" but better.

Don’t have artwork yet? Check out our selection of pre-designed water bottle templates! Each one can be opened in our design software, Maestro Label Designer, where they can be customized to perfectly suit your business. Easy peasy.

Design Tips to Maximize Your Label

By utilizing space on an item that people are actively holding and using, your message becomes more memorable, or at the very least, more seen. So how can you maximize the space?

As mentioned earlier, including your headshot is a strong option. You could also consider including a QR code that directs to your website or to a specific page on your website such as your services.

Overall, make sure your branding is consistentwith the rest of your website and social media branding. Consistency is key when you want something to stick.

Make your labels visually appealing — play around with images, graphics, fun colors, different fonts, patterns, etc., yet keep it simple. Labels with text only will be boring to look at, and overcrowded labels may cause headaches.

Don’t rule out this unique marketing channel. It may be just the thing your business needs to get eyes on it! Good luck and get your branded water bottles out there.

Ready to get started? Shop our selection of water bottle label sizes.

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