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How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels

Updated 06/05/2024
How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels

With its wide tool accessibility and intuitive interface, FedEx simplifies the process of generating package shipping labels. Gaining proficiency with these features can significantly boost efficiency and customer contentment with every delivery.

5 Steps to Printing Shipping Labels with FedEx

In contrast with USPS and UPS, FedEx is known for its express delivery services and fast options for time-sensitive packages. Using its shipping platform can guarantee easier production and services to over 220 countries, with door-to-door deliveries.

  1. Go to and sign into your account using a username and password.
  2. How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels
  3. Include the information of where the package is being sent, and complete the labels with the name, address, and city from which the package is being sent. Then, include the information about where the package is going and the recipient's name and address.
  4. How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels
  5. Then, include package and shipment details for the package, including weight, number of packages, declared value, and the service (priority overnight or standard overnight).
  6. How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels
  7. Enter the billing details before paying, including if the user wants the package picked up and additional fees such as insurance and service.
  8. How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels
  9. After completing these steps, the package will be ready to send. Make sure to preview all the information before sending it and then click Ship.
  10. How to Print FedEx Shipping Labels

Faster and Wider Deliveries with FedEx

FedEx is a handy tool for efficient and reliable domestic and international shipping services. Following the simple steps below, users can use FedEx's user-friendly platform to create shipping labels for orders. Ready to elevate your shipping game? Check out our guide on printing shipping labels and discover the full potential of shipping labels, different types of printers, and designs that will make you feel more confident in your delivery process!

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