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Protect Your Products and Customers by Making Your Products Tamper-Proof: Here’s How

Updated 11/01/2023
How to make your products tamper proof

Tamper-proof packaging is crucial for ensuring the safety and integrity of products, and for protecting customers.

There are several ways to make products tamper-proof, including shrink sleeves, which are a popular choice for a wide range of products.

What are shrink sleeves?

Shrink sleeves are a type of flexible packaging that’s made from a heat-shrinkable film which is placed over the entire product or a portion of it, then shrunk using a heat tunnel to fit snugly around the product. This creates a tamper-evident seal and allows for 360-degree graphics and branding.

Because of the durable material that shrink sleeves are made of, they’re an ideal option for tamper-proof packaging. The shrink sleeve material will need to be broken before the product can be opened, making it evident when the product has been tampered with.

Types of Shrink Sleeves For Tamper-Proof Packaging

There are a couple styles of shrink sleeves that can be used for tamper-proof packaging, including:

  • Full-body shrink sleeves: These cover the entire product including the cap and are often used for packaging beverages, such as bottles and cans.
  • Neck bands: These sleeves are applied to the cap area of a product, effectively joining the cap and the body of the container, and are used to create a seal that indicates if a product has been opened.
Neck bands vs full body shrink

Perforations on the shrink sleeve will aid in providing an easier opening experience for your customer. We offer a couple versions during production, or you can add them during application if you or your co-packer have the ability on the production line.

Advantages of Using Shrink Sleeves For Tamper-Proof Packaging

Shrink sleeves offer several benefits for tamper-proof packaging, including:

  • Durability: Shrink sleeves are resistant to water, tampering, and other elements, making them a great choice for products that will be exposed to harsh environments or handling.
  • Form-fitting: Have a uniquely shaped bottle or container opening that just won’t take a traditional label? Shrink sleeves are capable of shrinking and conforming to nearly any shape.
  • Visually-appealing: Shrink sleeves are more aesthetically-pleasing with 360 degree graphics coverage, and really give the appearance of a fortified product.
  • No leftover residue: After removing the tamper-evident shrink sleeve, you won’t be met with any of that icky sticky! Once the perforation is broken, it will just pop right off.

Other Ways to Make Your Products Tamper-Proof


There are all sorts of creative ways to use labels to tamper-proof your products — just make sure it’s a strong material and adhesive so it actually requires some effort to open! There are jar and bag seals, which are rectangle or uniquely-shaped labels, safety tabs which are typically seen on lip balms, and more.

jar seals

Tamper-Evident Tape and Void Labels

This tape is applied to the top or sides of a product and is designed to leave a message or pattern if it’s removed, indicating that the product has been opened.

void labels

Safety Caps

These caps are used on bottles and other containers and are designed to break or come off if the product is opened.


These tags are placed inside a product and use radio frequency technology to track and verify the product's authenticity.

When choosing a tamper-proof packaging solution, make sure you consider the specific needs and requirements of your product and choose a solution that best fits those needs.

You have many options when considering which tamper-proof packaging method works best for you. But, shrink sleeves are a reliable option that many choose because they offer durability, visual appeal, and are suitable for a wide range of products.

Ready to get started with tamper-proof packaging? Shop custom shrink sleeves today or fill out the form below to connect with a sales representative.

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