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3 Ways to Create Your Own File Folder Labels

By Online Labels
Manila file folders fanned out with printed labels

There are certain papers you just can't throw away – from tax documents at the office to medical paperwork at home. Why is it that keeping electronic documents organized is so much easier than their physical counterparts? It's time to even the playing field with personalized, fun, and helpful file folder labels. File folder labels will keep your filing cabinets, desktops, and shelves clean and presentable, and make it easy for you to find what you need.

When you want more than office supply store offerings, you can count on Below are the top three options for labeling your file folders.

1. Blank Label Templates

We offer free blank label templates for every OnlineLabels configuration. Download your desired template in popular .doc and .pdf formats, or use our built-in design software to customize online. Add text, graphics, images, clipart, shapes, backgrounds, borders, and more. You name, you can do it with these labels.

View Blank Label Templates

2. Editable Pre-Designed Label Templates

These pre-designed templates are great for users who want to start with a design and customize it to meet their needs. Format your own color-coding system, add your own headings, and watch your labels come to life. Print or write on our file folder labels for the utmost flexibility!

Expert tip: Click "Customize More or Save This Design" for advanced editing options using Maestro Label Designer.

Browse File Folder Label Designs

3. Ready-to-Print Label Templates

These labels already have the design and common category headings included. We've simplified the process by doing all the work for you, just hit print.

Download Pre-Filled File Folder Labels

Tips for Labeling Your Files

1. Start with the right size

Shop the popular sizes and configurations below for labeling Manilla folders and other important documents.

2. Pick a label material

Choose from the following color categories to find the right material for your project.

3. See what categories you need

Review your existing files before creating your new folder labels. Identifying overarching categories first will help you figure out exactly what you need from your filing system.

4. Come up with a plan

Decide how specific you want your organizational system to be. Are you going to break things down into subcategories or have general folders for each subject? While you're at it, think about the future. Go with "Car" instead of "Nissan Maxima" for the folder name for a system that's easier to maintain and abide by.

Think of how you're going to arrange your files, too. If your goal is alphabetical, consider "Credit Card: Mastercard" over "Mastercard Credit Card."

Shop labels for file folders. Then, let your personal circumstances and preferences dictate the best system for you. Whether that's designing file folder stickers from scratch or printing off a "stock" option, you can rely on the blank and pre-designed templates at Shop our other organization solutions.

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