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How Black Cat Coffee Keeps Business Growing By Printing Their Product Labels

Updated 07/15/2024
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Few things are better than a freshly roasted cup of coffee. Just ask the two-thirds of Americans who drink a cup daily. Among these enthusiasts, many recognize the differences between store-bought coffee and small-batch craft coffee, which offers a superior taste and quality and shows meticulous care.

For one coffee connoisseur, the desire to enjoy freshly roasted coffee each morning started just ten years ago when she decided to bring home her first roaster. We spoke with Mindy, the now-owner of a small-batch craft coffee cafe and roastery, Black Cat Coffee, who shares how it all started, the importance of branding and packaging, why printing her labels is a game changer for her business, and more.

Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, sit down, relax, and pour yourself a cup of joe because Mindy's story will inspire you!

What is Small Batch Coffee?

It may come as no surprise, but small-batch coffee is roasted in small quantities, typically less than 25 pounds at a time, unlike its mass-produced counterparts you’re used to seeing on the shelves of grocery stores. The roaster controls the final product because a small amount is made simultaneously. They can make minor tweaks, experiment, and even customize the roast profile of each batch. We can't forget to mention the obvious: the smaller quantity makes it fresh, resulting in a better flavor (and my favorite part: a much more pungent smell and aroma) than your store-bought big batches.

At Black Cat Coffee, they specialize in single-origin coffees and have several proprietary blends, delivering the unique quality small batches are known for.

How Black Cat Coffee Was Born

Believe it or not, Black Cat Coffee was born by accident! Ten years ago, when Mindy started roasting for her family's consumption at home, it was just the beginning, and as they say—the rest was history.

She shares, “We first started giving batches to our friends, family, and neighbors. Then, we made our way to a few farmer’s markets and community events. Before we knew it, we were opening a brick-and-mortar roastery and café!"

What Sets Black Cat Coffee Apart from Competitors

Coffee lovers around the globe will agree that there's something special about your barista having your order ready the second you walk in, asking how your family is doing or what blend you're itching for this season. That kind of connection and friendship can't be manufactured, and that's precisely what you'll get from the Black Cat Coffee team.

Mindy says, "Our cafe has the friendliest baristas who are more than willing to create customer's special requests and work closely with our wholesale customers to develop blends that exceed their expectations."

It doesn't just end with their customers. Black Cat Coffee also prides itself on supporting local charities, schools, churches in the community, and other businesses along the Space Coast, providing an outlet for their artwork and other fun items in the cafe.

But the cherry on top of it all? While chatting with your new barista-turned-friend and drinking a hot cup, you might be lucky enough to watch a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center, thanks to Black Cat Coffee’s incredible location.

How Printing Your Own Labels Results in More Flexibility and Growth

With coffee descriptions changing each season, Mindy shared how important it is to be able to change their labels often.

She admits, “Printing our own labels gives us the flexibility to make those changes or add new coffee to our line, any time!" In addition to being able to print herself, Mindy tells us how without consistent branding and superior packaging, no one would get to even try your product."

"We chose OnlineLabels years ago, probably over ten years. We love to support local businesses and we're pleased to find a label supplier in my hometown of Longwood (Go, Greyhounds!) OnlineLabels then moved to Sanford, and I continued to use them. Even when I relocated to the Space Coast, I continued to use them. They've been helping my business since humble beginnings from our retail to wholesale coffee bags to our cold brew jugs!”.

Mindy uses several labels: OL5100WI, OL172WJ, OL1025CJ, OL3050WG, OL172WJ, and OL800WG.

To learn more about Mindy's small business, visit

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