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Hotkeys & Shortcuts

Published 11/12/2019  •  Updated 09/14/2020
Become an advanced user in Maestro Label Designer with this list of keyboard shortcuts

Below is a list of our most popular hotkey and keyboard shortcuts you can use while designing in Maestro Label Designer.

Action On-Screen Symbol Keyboard Shortcuts (PC) Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)
Open a new label Ctrl + N* + N*
Open a saved design Ctrl + O* + O*
Save your design Ctrl + S + S
"Save as..." your design Ctrl + SHIFT + S + SHIFT + S
Print your design Ctrl + P* + P
Undo an action Undo Icon Ctrl + Z + Z
Redo an action Redo Icon Ctrl + Y + Y
Select all objects Ctrl + A + A
Cut an object Ctrl + X + X
Copy an object Ctrl + C + C
Paste an object Paste Icon Ctrl + V + V
Group Objects ALT + G ALT + G
Ungroup Objects ALT + SHIFT + G ALT + SHIFT + G
Delete an object Backspace or Delete Backspace or Delete
Duplicate an object Ctrl + Shift + Drag + Shift + Drag
Bold text B Ctrl + B + B
Italicize text I Ctrl + I + I
Underline text U Ctrl + U + U
Zoom in Ctrl + +*

ALT + MousewheelUp
+ +

ALT + MousewheelUp
Zoom out Ctrl + -*

ALT + MousewheelDown
+ -

ALT + MousewheelDown
Fit label to screen Zoom-to-fit Icon Ctrl + 0 + 0
Move object Arrow keys Arrow keys
Move object in larger increments Shift + Arrow keys Shift + Arrow keys
Move object in smaller increments Ctrl + Arrow keys + Arrow keys

*These actions should perform as mentioned, but may control different functions in various browsers.

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If you need help using Maestro Label Designer, please call our customer service team at 1-888-575-2235.

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