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Free Colorful Student Planner Stickers

Updated 02/07/2022
Upgrade your school agenda/notebook with these free planner stickers

It's been a while since I was a student but, between homework and tests, I distinctly remember just how difficult it was to keep it all straight. Even with the conveniences of modern age, I was still a big fan of using a paper planner to help make sure I didn't forget any important dates.

I would have loved these student planner stickers when I was in school! The labels are small enough for almost any sized planner but definitely large enough for you to easily read.

Eventually, you'll get so use to all the category colors that you won't even have to read the labels to know what's coming up on your schedule. Just a quick glance and you'll see that you have a test coming up or a project that's due. How's that for perfect time management!

I made sure to include the "important" sticker to help cover any academic event that I forgot (teacher conference, peer review, etc). You could always use that sticker and then just write in what needs to be remembered.


We used the following items to make these planner students for school. Never show up to class in a sweat again because you forgot you had a test!

How To

Printable template for student planners, people who use planner stickers

Step 1: Download The Planner Sticker Printable

Each sticker category (study, test, quiz, read, project, important, final, no school) is identified by a specific color so that you can quickly see with just a glance at your paper planner what needs to be done.

Open it in Adobe Reader for best results.

Step 2: Print Your Planner Stickers

Before hitting "Print" from the print settings dialog box, make sure "Auto Rotate and Center" is unchecked and "Page Scaling" is turned off.

Step 3: Apply!

Add your new stickers to the appropriate dates in your student paper planner and stay organized all year round.

You're all set to go and ready to have the best year ever! Hope you find these student planner stickers useful and have a wonderful academic year!

How to make planner stickers for your student planner, free printable

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