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Boost Efficiency in Your Small Business with Free Online Packaging and Labeling Tools

Updated 12/06/2023
Boost efficiency in your small business with free online packaging and labeling tools

Starting and running a small business can be an exciting journey, but it also comes with a host of challenges. From managing inventory to finding the right label size, determining pricing strategies, and complying with industry regulations, the list of boxes to check can seem endless. However, the good news is that OnlineLabels has a suite of free online small business tools that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Our free business tools include label generators, business calculators, and printable guides, each created to help you streamline your business operations while saving you money. So, let's take a closer look into our free online small business tools and what each one can do for your business.

Label Generators

Barcode tools

Barcodes are versatile and can be a huge help to small businesses! Barcodes are used as an identification system for products and aid with inventory tracking, data entry, pricing and product information updates, and more.

barcode labels on a tea box product and on a cardboard box

Obtaining them seems complicated and intimidating, but our barcode generator makes the process a breeze. You’ll just choose the barcode type, enter barcode data, and choose a size.

Need help determining what your barcode data should be? In our introduction to barcodes article, we go over how to create barcodes.

We also have a similar tool where you can generate and order printed barcode labels on the size and material of your choice!

Tapered Label Generator

Not every product container looks the same — some are straight, and some are tapered. Tapered containers are conical, meaning the bottom is wider than the top or vice versa. This type of container usually requires a custom label shape, otherwise you could end up with a label on a diagonal slant, or worse; a creased label.

It can be difficult to figure out the proper measurements on your own, so that’s where we come in! The tapered label generator tool will prompt you to enter in some measurements, then generate the perfect label size to fit your unique container without a hitch.

QR Code Generator

Have you thought about hopping on the QR code trend? We can help you get your own for free! QR codes are a nifty tool that activates a specified function once scanned on the user’s phone camera. With the QR code generator, just choose your content type (contact information, website URL, SMS, etc.), enter the correct data, pick your size, then generate your unique QR code!

Nutrition Label Generator

Nutrition labels are essential for any business selling consumables, but can be a hassle to create on your own. Our nutrition label generator takes the stress out of it! It’s as easy as choosing your desired format, then inputting the necessary information. It will generate a perfectly formatted nutrition label with all of your inputted information.

nutrition label on a brown kraft bag

GHS Label Generator

If your business is in the US and you handle or transport chemicals as part of your work or, you’re required by OSHA to use GHS labels to identify the hazards of the substances. They ensure the safety of yourself and others who may come into contact with the chemicals.

With this easy-to-use GHS label generator, you’ll be able to select your chemical, hazard statements, and enter any required information, and it will generate an OSHA-compliant label for your chosen chemical.

Business Calculators

Business calculator tools can be total game changers for new small business owners. With these tools, our goal is to help you figure out some of the important details, headache-free.

Product Pricing & Profit Margin Calculator

As a small business owner starting out, the goal is to eventually break even and make a profit. To do that, you need to know how to set prices for your products and services. That’s where the product pricing and profit margin calculator comes in. You’ll enter information such as material costs, labor costs, shipping and postage costs, and more, then we’ll use our pricing formula to help you land on a fair price!

small business owner using laptop and doing calculations

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Calculator

This calculator is here to help you choose the correct ribbon material and number of ribbons necessary to print your label order. Enter the specs for your project, and it’ll tell you exactly what you need to get.

Printable Guides

Printable guides are one surefire way to help you find the perfect label size for your products or project.

Printable Ruler

Need to find the perfect label size for a round or curved container? You need a flexible ruler to get the measurements! One easy way to do this is with a paper ruler. With this free printable ruler, you’ll just download, print, cut out the ruler, then wrap it around your container to get the measurement.

onlinelabels printable ruler in use, being wrapper around a cosmetic bottle

Size Guides

Size guides are another handy way to determine what size label you need. Each of these printables feature our most common sizes for each label shape. Once you print one or multiple out, you’ll cut out the size that looks promising to you, and see how it looks against your container. Not sure what shape you want? Go with our all shapes size guide, which includes our most popular label shapes in one document. Try it out!

onlinelabels printable guides fanned out on a table

We have the following size guides:

Sticker Paper Cut Settings

When using an electronic cutting machine to create stickers, whether they’re for branding purposes or just for fun, you’ll likely need to use trial and error until you find the right settings. With OnlineLabels sticker paper, it’s no longer a guessing game. In this comprehensive sticker paper cut settings guide, you’ll find the correct cut settings for each one of our materials, for most of the popular cutting machines on the market.

At OnlineLabels, our goal is to help your business grow. So whether you use just one of these helpful business tools or a combination of them, we hope it helps you get closer to reaching your goals.

Need blank labels for your business or project? Shop our selection of blank labels on sheets or rolls, or search for the perfect label on our labels by size page.

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