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Home Articles How Sanford’s First Microbrewery Uses Custom Beer Bottle Labels To Stand Out

How Sanford’s First Microbrewery Uses Custom Beer Bottle Labels To Stand Out

Updated 11/30/2022

We visited our friends at Wop's Hops Brewing Company to learn more about their business and hear about how our beer bottle labels help them stand out in a crowded market. Watch the video below or keep scrolling to catch our Q&A with owner and head-brewer Greg Piecora.

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How did you get into brewing?

"I was in law enforcement for 20 years and I needed a hobby. I like drinking beer and I thought it might be fun to make beer, so I became a homebrewer. I started competing and entering beer festivals. When I got to the end of my law enforcement career, I decided to open up my own brewery."

What kind of beer does Wop's Hops brew?

"My customers have a wide range of beers that they like, from darks to light and fruity to malty, so we like to brew the full spectrum."

What are your goals for Wop's Hops?

"I want to open a bigger brewery. We need to be able to produce more beer, can and bottle it, and have a larger location for more people to enjoy the atmosphere."

What kind of challenges do you face as a business owner?

"The market. There's so many beers out there, it's difficult to stand out. Consumers have so many options to pick from, so to stand out in the local market has been very challenging for us."

How does OnlineLabels help you overcome that challenge?

"OnlineLabels has been a huge help for us. It was very easy to contact them and work with their print team. We have an artist on staff who was able to send them our files, which they seamlessly transferred into their system; it was a very easy process. We use them quite often for our bottle releases and, when we expand, OnlineLabels is going to be instrumental in our labeling program. We're so busy here all the time that things get put to the side or forgotten. But no matter what, within days, OnlineLabels gets me what I need."

How did you hear about OnlineLabels?

"OnlineLabels has a very good reputation in the market for customer service and quality work, and they have the proper materials to put on beer cans and beer bottles. When you put beer cans and bottles in a cooler, the ice can break down a paper label. What I like about OnlineLabels is that their labels are waterproof and they last through the process of sitting in cold water. When you pull our beer out of cooler, it's not a label-less bottle, our name is still on it."

Can you describe the importance of packaging in the beer industry?

"Packaging is critical in our industry. When you go to a store and you have hundreds of options to choose from, our label needs to grab your attention. We have to have a label that withstands the coolers, the transferring – it's got to last and it's got to shine. OnlineLabels has helped us produce a label that is bold, professional, and stands out on the shelf."

How long have you been using OnlineLabels?

"We've been using OnlineLabels since we started our bottling program about 2 years ago and we probably purchase from them every few months. We're stepping up our program for bottling and canning, so we're going to be using them a lot more often, too."

How many bottles do you typically produce in one run?

"We like to do smaller runs because it creates demand and then we don't have bottles sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf for a long period of time. For a small business like mine, it's nice to be able to order the quantity we need from OnlineLabels and get the same service and professionalism as larger run customers."

Do you have any advice for other small business owners?

"Get quality artwork so your label stands out, and use OnlineLabels. The professionalism OnlineLabels has and how easy it is to work with them, I'd recommend them to other small businesses."

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