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Mail Merge Guide

If you need to create large quantities of the same label but with personalized information on each design, using the mail merge tool will save you time! Instead of editing and printing each label individually, you can import your data and have it populate onto the design with the press of a button.

What Is Mail Merge?

A mail merge (or data merge) is a method of inserting a set of data into documents such as mailing labels and name tags.

How to Add Your Data

Hover over "Tools" in the blue navigation bar and select "Mail Merge," then hit "Start Mail Merge."
Selecting Mail Merge from the Tools menu
You will be prompted to add a new datalist or use an existing list.
Choosing to create a new list or use a previously uploaded list
To add a new mail merge list, click "Add a new mail merge list" and then "Next Step." Select the file you would like to upload and click "Open."
Note: If you don't have an existing list, learn how to make one.
To select an existing mail merge list, click "Use a previously uploaded list" and then "Next Step."
Use the menu options at the top of the page to choose your format.
"Simple Text Field" will add each field to your design as a separate text box.
The Simple Text Field popup options
"Combined Text Field" allows you to include multiple fields in one textbox, set up additional text to display, and more.
The Combined Text Field popup options
"Barcode Field" is for creating barcodes. To continue with adding barcodes to your design, go to our Adding & Editing Barcodes In Your Design article.
Select which fields you want to include and hit the green arrow in the middle of your screen. Click "Add To Design" to add them to your canvas.
Adding data fields to the design canvas

How to Edit the Data in Your Design

Click on your desired mail merge text to select it.
To edit which information from your data list is being used, click "Edit Field" in the bottom right-hand corner of your textbox.
Editing a data field on the canvas
To edit the text properties such as font and size, use the "Object Properties" panel to the left of the screen.
Note: Any changes will be applied to the entire dataset, you cannot change the settings of an individual textbox.
To add additional information from a different column of data in your same data list, hover over "Mail Merge Options" in the top gray bar and select "Add Data Fields."
To replace your data list with a new list, hover over "Mail Merge Options" in the top gray bar and select "Switch Lists."
Note: This will effectively remove all of the data on your label unless the same fields can be found in the new list.
To delete your dataset and turn off mail merge, hover over "Mail Merge Options" in the top gray bar and select "Disable Mail Merge."

How to Preview Your Data

Your information may be longer or shorter than the field titles showing. To ensure your design and information will print properly, follow the steps below.

In the top gray bar, click "Preview." The placeholder text will be replaced with the information from your document.
Previewing a merge
Click the white arrows to view each label.

For help using mail merge in Maestro Label Designer, please call our customer service team at 1-888-575-2235.