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Perfume Bottle Labels

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Share the aromas of your perfumes with customers before they even open the bottle.
Bring the scent of your handmade fragrance to life with professional-grade blank and custom labels.
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Rectangle Perfume Bottle Labels

Dress up your fragrance bottle with these popular blank label sizes.

Round Perfume Bottle Labels

Create the perfect labels for the caps and lids of your perfume bottles.

Can't find what you're looking for? Browse all of our standard sizes.

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Make Your Own Perfume Bottle Labels

Before customers can experience the well-crafted fragrance of your perfume product, they have to pick it up off the shelf. To maximize shelf appeal and ensure your product is seen, it’s important to have a high-quality, professional label. Using the blank label sizes above, anyone can create and print the perfect perfume labels. They are sure to bring out the best of your container no matter the size. These perfume labels are ideal for traditional perfume spray bottles, decorative perfume bottles, and perfume roller bottles.

How to create and print labels for perfume bottles:

  • Measure your tube, decant, bottle, or vial using our printable ruler.
  • Find the right size label using the filters above or visit our browse all label sizes.
  • Find a blank or pre-designed perfume label template.
  • Customize your design. Consider color-coding your labels based on scents, flavors, and more.
  • Download and print your fragrance labels using your home or office printer.
  • Clean your bottle and apply.

Do I need a weatherproof label material for my perfume?

Almost any of our label materials can work great with perfume bottles. Find the material that matches the vibe of your perfume. Brown kraft complements natural and organic products while clear labels can be used to show off the colors of your perfume!

What label size should I use for my perfume bottle?

Use our free printable ruler to measure the area of your bottle that you would like labeled. The printable ruler is flexible, allowing you to wrap it around your container or use it as a straight ruler. If you don't see the size you're looking for, be sure to check out all of our standard sizes.