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Perforated Mailing & Shipping Labels

Send your shipments out fast with perforated address labels and mailing sheets.

Perforated Lip Balm Labels

Utilize these tamper-evident label configurations to protect your lip balms and consumers. View all lip balm label options.

Perforated Wafer Seals

Easily tear off and apply these safety seals.

Perforated Medical Transcription Labels

Browse popular transcription label tear-offs.

Specialty Perforated Labels

Find the right perforated label for your project or application.

Can't find what you're looking for? Browse all of our standard sizes.
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Benefits of Perforated Labels

Perforations are cuts made to the label sheet that allow for easy peeling. Depending on the configuration, a perforation can be made to the labels themselves or to the non-adhesive backing (the liner). Label perforations are common for tamper-proofing products, among medical professionals, and more. Liner perforations, on the other hand, are popular across the board for their increased ease of use.

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