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Create custom labels for your CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and more.
Organize your collection, brand your products, or make memorable gifts with printable media labels.
This image features OL1200 , OL1930 , and OL28
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Audio / video labels in use
Audio / Video Cassette Labels Create custom labels for your media collection.

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Blu-ray labels in use
Blu-ray Labels Create custom labels for your Blu-ray discs.

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CD labels in use
CD Labels Print your own professional-quality CD labels.

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DVD labels in use
DVD Labels Create your own high-quality, custom DVD labels.

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SD card labels in use
SD Card Labels Organize your SD cards with printable labels.

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Create Custom Media Labels

Don't ruin precious files with markers and pens. Apply high-quality labels to your disks to preserve, protect, and identify them.

We offer a variety of materials that can be made using your home or office printer. Our selection includes gloss, matte, colors, and more so you have the freedom to produce your vision. When you're ready, design your templates in Maestro Label Designer, an exclusive program for customers. Add text, images, and clipart to complete the look.

Get more information on labeling discs to avoid damage.