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Complement your packages with stock fragile labels and stickers.
Browse a variety of fragile label designs and sizes to match your shipments. Our fragile labels are printed on durable roll labels and feature a semi-gloss finish.
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What are fragile labels?

Fragile labels or stickers are a form of identification label designed to help packages arrive safely to their destination. They let shipping carriers know that the contents of the package may be damaged if not handled carefully.

How do I put a fragile sticker on my package?

Fragile labels can be applied anymore on a package. It's best to make sure they are placed somewhere that can be easily spotted. They should also be placed in a way to not obstruct the postage label.

Should fragile labels be printed on paper or film?

Fragile labels can be printed on either paper or film materials. Film materials will ensure the labels aren't damaged during transport. This makes them the ideal choice for businesses aiming to minimize transport damages.