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Thermal Transfer vs. Direct Thermal Technology

If you are choosing between a direct thermal and thermal transfer printer, you may be wondering exactly what the difference is. Below are some fast facts on each printer type that will make you a roll label pro in no time.

Thermal Transfer Printers
  • Require a thermal transfer ribbon for printing
  • Can print in color with the addition of a colored ribbon
  • Can withstand chemicals and extreme temperatures
Direct Thermal Printers
  • Don't require ink, toner, or ribbons
  • Can only print in black and white
  • Aren't recommended for high-contact use

Thermal Transfer Label Options

Our thermal transfer materials work well with a variety of ribbon-based thermal printers. They're available on 1" and 3" cores in three different materials. They create high-quality prints for a variety of applications.

Thermal transfer roll label options:

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