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Help resolving an issue

Hi all! I just wanted to share a story I will make a short one. My wife and I run our own Etsy business. One morning when we started our orders, our printer was printing with lines and only on one of our products. We thought it was first a Photoshop issue and called Photoshop for help. For our other shop we have a Photoshop plan we pay for, but this current shop we are having issues in we just have the free Photoshop option. Because it was the free version, Photoshop wouldn’t help us. Then we thought it was a printer issue, and i didn’t want to have to deal with that because last time I called the printer help center I used so much ink and paper. So we called Online Labels and talked to Lisa F. She saw our issue and went to work. Within 10 minutes she had it figured out and we were able to get back to work. It was something on the printer settings that changed, and I am still not sure how it got changed. Maybe because we turned it off for the first time over a weekend when we went on a trip? Not sure! Online Labels will now be my first call if I run into issues like this for sure! Thank you so much :)

Josh Dalton