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Add printable hang tags to your products and gifts for a handcrafted touch.

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Using Cardstock Hang Tags and Perforated Tags

Blank printable tags are perfect for business and personal use. They work in both standard desktop laser and inkjet printers and produce stunning, full-color results. Once your design is printed, the perforated lines make these hanging tags easy to separate and attach. Pick your own string for even more customization, then thread through the 4-6 cm hole and affix to your product.

  • Product identification
  • Product or company information
  • Pricing and barcodes
  • Personalized notes
  • Holiday gift tags (Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, and more)
  • Tapered, small, or unusual container labeling where standard labels won't work

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