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Weatherproof Vinyl Laser Labels

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Create ultra-durable labels with our vinyl laser-printable material.
Protect against moisture, chemicals, oils, and tears with our heavy-duty, blank white matte vinyl labels. You can also view our weatherproof matte material for an inkjet alternative. View Material Details
Weatherproof Vinyl Laser Labels (LV) - Technical Material Details
Our white weatherproof vinyl laser label sheets work with desktop laser printers. They're ideal for jobs that require extremely durable labels like industrial chemical labeling applications. The vinyl-based material is comprised of a permanent adhesive that adheres to almost any surface and white matte facesheet that won't easily tear or peel.
Printer Compatibility: Laser
Facestock Caliper: 3.4 mil ± 10%
Liner Weight: 79 lbs. per ream ± 10% (24" x 36", 500 sheets)
Liner Caliper: 4.6 mil ± 10%
Total Caliper: 8.8 mil ± 10%
Min. Application Temperature: +10° F
Once applied, will withstand: -40° F to +300° F temperatures
This image features OL3536
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Heavy-Duty White Vinyl Labels for Laser Printers

Our weatherproof vinyl laser label material provides ultra-durability and high-quality results. These bright white labels with a matte finish are designed for rugged applications where a waterproof label is required. They repel everything from water to oil and chemicals. From indoor to outdoor use, they will keep your text and designs intact and unharmed. They also conform and adhere easily to most materials including metal, plastic, and glass. The permanent adhesive won't peel up from its surface once applied, even when faced with various temperatures and climates.

Weatherproof Vinyl Laser Uses:

  • Industrial chemical labels
  • Fridge/freezer container labels
  • Drum and barrel labels
  • Dropper bottle and beaker labels
  • Safety signage
  • Equipment and outdoor work labels

What's the difference between weatherproof vinyl laser and other film materials?

For most people, vinyl can be used interchangeably with our other film label options. Each of our weatherproof materials offer better durability than our paper materials. Our weatherproof vinyl laser is a true vinyl that's thicker in nature and has a matte finish. In addition, the weatherproof vinyl laser material is our only BS5609 Section 2-compliant material.

Is there an inkjet-printable version?

Our weatherproof matte inkjet labels are a great alternative to the weatherproof vinyl laser material. While it isn't a true vinyl, it's a film-based material that's durable and ideal for product labeling and sticker making.

Are these labels BS5609 GHS-compliant?

All of our chemical-resistant weatherproof vinyl laser labels are BS5609 Section 2-compliant. Section 2 compliance is granted if the blank stock passes certain maritime testing procedures.