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Product Tips for RL4007XW

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Storage & Handling

  • Keep your labels in the original packaging until you're ready for printing.
  • Hold your labels by the edges to prevent smudging or fingerprints.
  • Store your labels in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity.
  • Shield your labels from consistent exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting.
  • Store your label rolls flat on their side to prevent damage to the labels and core.

Design & Printing

  • Run each label through your printer only once. After multiple passes, you run the risk of damaging your labels and the printer.
  • This material should only be used with an inkjet printer that accepts 2" core rolls with a 5" outer diameter.
  • Choose the most applicable "Color Matching" option for the design you're currently printing.
  • If your printer has "Media Type" settings, choose the option that most closely describes the material you're currently printing.
  • Adjust the label size setting within your print driver options to the exact dimensions of your label prior to printing.


  • Label Feed Issues: Make sure the sensor type is set to "Die-Cut/Thru-Hole" in your printer options.
  • Ink Smearing: Reduce the "Ink Saturation" and/or "Print Quality" settings within your printer options.
  • Poor/Defective Print Quality: Increase the "Print Quality" setting within your printer options and reprint. If the problem is not resolved, run the "Clean/Purge" cycle within your printer options to clean the print-head.
  • Feed Problems: Ensure your printer is set to "Gap" or "Web Sensing" and then reprint. If you're still experiencing issues with labels feeding incorrectly, clean your label sensor to make sure the printer is properly detecting the gaps between labels.