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StickerPrice - Label Ideas

by Jeff

StickerPrice is a point of sale app that is great for someone having a garage sale, estate sale or anything else in between. Simply sticker your stuff utilizing the 1" diameter pre-priced stickers and scan the QR code to tally your customer's purchases using the StickerPrice app. The app allows you to quickly and easily checkout your customers, process payments, and track sales, all from your smartphone.

How was this label used?

The stickers have a price, a symbol and QR code printed on them. The symbols represent a seller and keeps things organized when having a multi-person sale. Scan the QR code and the app will add the price to the transaction list making for a quick and accurate checkout process.

Useful tips for this project

Having a pre-priced price tag versus something handwritten has proven to not have as many customers wanting to negotiate the price of an item. By utilizing the stickers you can quickly and easily price the items you are selling. This takes the manual work of getting things setup.